₿itcoin For Fairness

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Bitcoin-only educational meetups, monthly at Scallywags Cafe (Facebook, Twitter) in Lusaka.
Often a Saturday at 15:00, though look to the next meetup section below for specifics. All are welcome.

📇 Contact

Twitter DMs are open and probably best. See some members listed below.
✉️ [email protected]

May also call: 0971452055 / 0979505857

BFF WhatsApp Group: DM for #

🅜 Lusaka Meetups

➡️ Next Meetup

10, Feb 2024 24, Feb 2024

⬅️ Past Meetups

Jan 2024 Dec 2023 Nov 2023 Oct 2023 Sept 2023 August 2023 July 2023 June 2023 Sat. 27, May 2023 Sat. 15, Apr. 2023 Sat. 4, Mar. 2023 19, Nov. 2022 2, Oct. 2022 13, Aug. 2022 10, July 2022 May 2022

👤 Some Members

Mabvuto Humphrey Ndesanjo @5atoshiNakamoto Dabwiso Anita Posch Bitcoin for Fairness

📷 Photos

Photos from past meetups coming soon.

Note: Before taking a photo at a meetup, please get consent from everyone in the frame, both to be in it and if posting online. Let's respect that not everyone at a bitcoin meetup wants to be public.

🎞 Media


🎙️ ₿antu ₿itcoin Podcast

Local language ₿itcoin-only education podcast🎙️ in rural Zambia 🇿🇲, in partnership with Anita Posch of Bitcoin for Fairness, hosted by @5atoshiNakamoto, free on BTCpodcasting.com.

🗣 [Bemba] Feed

Ukusambilila pafya bitcoin mundimi ishapusana. To learn about bitcoin in different languages.
(English translation follows each episode)
Bantu Bitcoin [English] podcast album art

🔤 [English] Feed

(Different content, more interviews and behind-the-scenes from host @5atoshiNakamoto's experience here in rural Zambia)
Bantu Bitcoin [English] podcast album art

  • GitHub Site: https://5atoshiNakamoto.github.io/Bantu-Bitcoin
  • YouTube: @BantuBitcoin
  • NOSTR: npub1phtnmz6nu0gef7e4hk9p9789ju4jjpgr9ytac5rewyx9tw5ldzzsfzzl90
  • Twitter: @BantuBitcoin

  • 🔊 Twitter Spaces Recordings

  • Bitcoin Zambia 🇿🇲 -Stories from Zambia 🇿🇲 Bitcoin Community • Global Bitcoin Fest Podcast
  • “Bitcoin-ONLY projects in Africa”
  • “The #Bitcoin myth and the Zambian Economy”

  • 🎥 YouTube

  • Anita Posch: @AnitaPosch
  • Bantu Bitcoin: @BantuBitcoin

  • 📓 Learn

    📄 Read the ₿itcoin Whitepaper

  • [.PDF]
  • (And if you have one, it’s also already hidden on your Mac!)

    Open Terminal and copy/paste:
    open /system/library/image\ capture/devices/VirtualScanner.app/contents/resources/simpledoc.pdf

    ≐ There will only ever be 2099999997690000 satoshis

    Otherwise written as 20,999,999.9769 ₿TC, thus the true number is actually not quite 21 million.

    // Why? Because the code uses fixed-point arithmetic for binary division.

    Just a fun little fact for ya.

    🔐 Explore SHA256

    Open Terminal and copy/paste:
    perl -e "print qq(your text to hash here, case matters)" | shasum -a256


  • The hash of the # 21 is 6f4b6612125fb3a0daecd2799dfd6c9c299424fd920f9b308110a2c1fbd8f443

  • The hash of the word Bitcoin is b4056df6691f8dc72e56302ddad345d65fead3ead9299609a826e2344eb63aa4

  • Capiche?

  • SHA256algorithm.com
  • Bitcoin for Fairness in Zambia
  • Anita Posch in Zambia
  • Machankura | SMS Bitcoin Wallet on feature phones without Internet! (though custodial)
  • Exonumia | African Language Bitcoin Education
  • Bitcoin Mtaani | Expediting Bitcoin Adoption in Africa
  • Why Avoid Altcoins?
  • Bitcoin, Not Blockchain
  • Matt O'Dell's Resources
  • Jameson Lopp's Resources

  • 🐦 Canary

    If the simple math equation below no longer equals 21 or otherwise disappears, something has happened which we cannot legally disclose. It would behoove you to exercise caution in your interactions with us.

    13 + 8 = 21
    21 = 21 ✔️